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About us

Chabad House has opened an addiction recovery centre to address the burning issue of addiction within our, and the broader community.
Addiction in its many forms has become a scourge in modern society. It can be linked to a new form of slavery, where addicts are enslaved and often cannot see how to liberate themselves. This scourge permeates all levels of society; it is not limited by status - education, economic, religious or any other. The initial step towards achieving liberation from this slavery is to recognize a higher truth than your own. When addicts are able to step of the darkness into which they have confined themselves they will find that within a spiritual framework they can make the personal choice of freedom. Our programme is designed to facilitate this ideal.

The Chabad Addiction Recovery Centre is made up of a team of psychologist, Rabbis and addiction counselors, all highly skilled in their areas of competence.

The program comprises a combination of the following:

· 12 week group therapy programme

· 12 step programme

· Spiritual exploration sessions

· Skills training workshops

· Family therapy and education

The programme is an out-patient programme and applications will be assessed for suitability for out-patient treatment. Referrals will be made to other suitable centers when necessary.

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33 Marico Road, Cnr Ballyclare Rd, Riverclub 2149

Chabad addiction recovery centre is a subsidiary of Chabad House and funded by the Miracle Drive