Due to Covid-19 all our Seniors Classes are now held on Zoom
Join our daily shiurim at 10:00am 
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Follow this link to join the daily Zoom Meetings

You can also join by phone by dialing  +27 87 551 7702 and inserting the Meeting 

*Birthday Celebrations: We love partying! When a participant’s birthday comes around we celebrate in style, in the company of our daily crowd. We will also remind you of your Hebrew birth-date to ensure you get an Aliyah or Maftir if so desired. 

*Simchas:How common that our family members make simchos and we are unable to attend. Our program can assist in a variety of ways. For some we can arrange for transportation, for events overseas we can organize live hookup via Skype, and occasionally even assist with the financial burden of travel for a simcha!For help with your upcoming simcha click here: 

*Yahrtzeit Notifications:The solemn day commemorating the yahrtzeit (anniversary of passing) of a loved one can be daunting and lonely. We aim to notify you in advance of an upcoming yahrtzeit. We are available to assist you in best commemorating the day in a meaningful manner.

*Kadish Service: For those of you seeking a designated person to recite kadish for a loved one who has passed on, we will provide this service.
Contact us to share your information- click here:

*Younger Seniors (55+): now forming new group for younger seniors. To be part of it call, email etc We would like to expand our programs to a younger tier of retirees, including people in their 50’s and 60’s. We have had such functions in the past and are looking forward to expand them, so the ever-growing population of younger retirees can meet and network. Be a part of it!
If you would like to join this new group clicks here:

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