The senior years should be a time of honour, warmth, and reflection; when younger generations can share and be enriched by a treasure trove of life experiences and wisdom. But unfortunately, many seniors do not have the opportunity to interact with others in this way due to a variety of circumstances beyond their choice and control: their children have grown and moved away, their friends have passed on etc. For some, the only people they see on a daily basis are doctors, nurses, caregivers, and other institutional staff. Through the Chabad Seniors Club, you can bring the joy of the living back into their lives.

The Chabad Seniors Club - Gran Connect Project matches volunteers with the elderly in their homes for regularly scheduled visitations. Each week a volunteer will visit your special senior for approximately 30 minutes of caring companionship. They’ll learn what it was like growing up in age before computers when families often gathered warmly around the radio to listen to the news, or be entertained, but best of all to be together as a family. They’ll listen to stories, do activities together, celebrate birthdays, and look at photos of their friends and family members.

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