Q. How much is the charge for the daily program?
A. There is no cost to attend our daily kolel, lectures, parties or workshops. All our services are completely free. Outings, trips or events may cost, but we will try to get a discounted price.

Q. Is there a transportation fee?
A. As with all our programs, transportation via the Bus Mitzva is free of charge.

Q. Where will the bus fetch me?
A. Our free transportation service is exclusively for Chai Seniors programmes. The bus has a designated route and can only service those specific areas. Feel free to email or call us for specificatiions.

Q. Do I have to register to attend the programs?
A. You can join us on any day. We will ask you to complete a profile form so we can better cater to your wishes at the programme. No need to register in advance. Feel free to come try it out any time.

Q. Are men as well as women welcome?
A. Chai Seniors programmes are for men and women daily. On Tuesdays we offer exclusive classes just for the ladies.

Q. Is lunch included in the program?
A. Every day’s class is followed by a healthy, kosher, fresh, nutritious lunch, at no cost.

Q. What is Memory Monday?
A. On Mondays we are privileged to have renowned Occupational Therapist, Cynthia Liptz at Chabad House for Brain Exercises. Programme includes Memory Enhancement, Thinkers Corner (mind stimulation), Relaxation Therapy and Crafts Sessions.

Q. Do I have to book for special events like parties, guest lecturers, and workshops?
A. You are welcome to attend any event even without prior booking. We do appreciate if you can RSVP in advance so we can ensure we have enough materials for all attendees.

Q. What is ChaiPad Training?
A.You can learn all about the world of technology at our ChaiPad training sessions on our brand new iPad 2's making it much easier to learn how to use the internet and many amazing websites.

Q. How do I join the ChaiPad Training?
A. In order to best serve the participants of ChaiPad courses, you will have to register fo rthe next term by contacting our office. Terms typically run 6 weeks at a time and teach you the very basics of the world wide web.

Q. Can you recommend care options for seniors?
A. Yes. Our recommendations are based on what would best suit the senior's needs. Please see our Facility Placements page or contact us.

Thank you for your support!

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