We're proud to once again be joining this spiritual tsunami that's sweeping across the world, originating right here in SA. We will be hosting a series of activities from candle-lighting straight through to the end of Shabbos for an all-inclusive Shabbos Project experience.

5:45pm Candle Lighting Workshop & Meditation with Batya
6:15pm Electrifying Kabbalat Shabbat Service with inspiring insights to transition into Shabbos
7:00pm Kiddush & Buffet Brocha for the community
7:30pm "A Taste of Shabbos" Exquisite Shabbos Dinner by reservation (R200 per person)

9:00am Kabbalah Cafe - a dose of spiritual caffeine before Shul services with refreshments
9:30am SHABBOS 101 meaningful and upbeat Shabbos Service
12:00pm Communal Brocha Luncheon
2:30pm Shabbos Multiplex; study, rest, play games and bring the joy of Shabbos to nearby senior citizens
5:30pm Mincha service followed by Seuda Shlishit for all
6:50pm Mariv followed by Musical Havdalah

Friday night Shul service will be followed by a beautiful traditional Shabbos Dinner, "A Taste of Shabbos." SHABBOS 101 morning service followed by a delectable Brocha Luncheon. The afternoon hours will be filled with many opportunities to study, rest, play games and bring the joy of Shabbos to nearby senior citizens. We will return to Shul for Mincha service and the third Shabbos meal. After Maariv we will do Havdalah together. We invite you to join us for the entirety or any part of this magical Shabbos.

There are multiple hotels in the area, so you can be within walking distance and observe the Shabbos properly. Let us know if you require more details.

To RSVP for Dinner (R200pp) and/or Kiddush Luncheon, or to arrange hotel accommodation for Shabbos, please contact Batya Kievman via email [email protected] or call her at 072-801-7491.

We are very much looking forward to having you join us, and experience this extraordinary, elevating and uplifting Shabbos together!

To pay for Shabbos dinner or donate to nay part of the Shabbos Brochas, please make payment to our Shul account: Miracle Drive Trust. Account number: 62457937989. FNB Balfour Park - Branch : 250-655
Ref: your name. Please email any proof of payments to [email protected]

Thank you for your kind and generous support!!