Below is a map of the Johannesburg Eruv courtesy of the UOS ( Sandton Central Shul is clearly within the bounds of the eruv and one may carry any Shabos essentials from the hotel to Shul etc.

Please note: The BROWN line is the outer eruv boundary and the RED line is an inner boundary. One is forbidden to carry from within the eruv across either of these lines.



Shabbos is a day set apart by Jewish law (Halacha) from the working week. Family time and spiritual pursuits are emphasised and weekday activities associated with work are prohibited.

Our Jewish religious code spells out the Shabbos restrictions. For example, carrying and pushing wheelchairs and prams are only permitted in homes, private gardens and community areas. An Eruv is a boundary recognised by Jewish law, within which these activities are permitted.

According to Halacha, carrying on the Sabbos is prohibited and considered a desecration thereof. Most people who observe Sabbos depend on the eruv in order to operate within a Halachic framework when carrying, using a pram etc.


Within an eruv, you can carry outside your home in the same way as you can in your own house and garden. All other Shabba restrictions are unaffected.

You may:

  • Carry house keys.
  • Carry food or drink for use on Shabbat.
  • Carry tallit.
  • Carry books (e.g. chumash or siddur).
  • Carry required medication.
  • Carry clothes, (e.g. coat, gloves or handkerchief).
  • Carry reading glasses.
  • Push a baby pram or wheelchair.

You may not:

  • Carry a cell phone or other items which are muktseh (forbidden to be touched on Shabbos).
  • Carry anything which is to be used only after Shabbos.
  • Carry or open an umbrella.
  • Engage in weekday activities which are not in the spirit of Shabbos; such as riding a bike, or going shopping (even on credit or where payment is not involved).

If you are unsure whether a particular activity is permitted, please consult your rabbi.