Oasis in Time: The Gift of Shabbos in a 24/7 World

Why do we tend to focus on what's urgent instead of what's truly important?
Imagine! 24 hours of digital silence.
No phones. No computers. No TV. 
Just valuable time with the people you love, to do all the things you've needed to do
but never quite found the time for.


We invite you to explore the mystical, psychological, social, and cultural dimensions of Shabbos as we unlock a model for achieving balance and serenity in the modern age.

Over six weeks, we’ll uncover timeless principles for how to achieve a life of inner peace while making each workday more productive and fulfilling. 

Join us for a remarkable experience.

Course Overview

  The Gift of Rest
What role does net worth play in how we define our success? The gift of Shabbos provides a priceless sense of self-worth in our most basic state, without feeling the need to achieve.

The Gift of Investment
The serenity and enjoyment of Shabbos is the culmination of a week’s work. Jewish culture’s emphasis on preparing for Shabbos presents a model for getting more out of life’s experiences by maximizing the effort we invest into shaping them.

  The Gift of Love
The light of the Shabbaos candles and heightened spiritual awareness on Shabbos illuminates the need to value the uniqueness of others and to invest in family and interpersonal relationships. This lesson outlines a clear roadmap for how to approach conflict resolution.

  The Gift of Pleasure
In this time of great bounty, we have never found it harder to negotiate moderation with healthy pleasure. Shabbos’s definition of holiness is a prototype for how to synthesize spirituality and enjoyment.

  The Gift of Purpose
Shabbos offers a transcendent frame of mind to objectively evaluate our work and add meaningful focus to our pursuit of a satisfying career. Shabbos's neat construct of thirty-nine creative activities offers a framework to define a life of purposeful accomplishment.

  The Gift of Every Moment
From the multisensory experience of Havdalah, we learn how to introduce serenity into the chaotic moments. By identifying the spirituality within the mundane, we transform our week into one that is entirely Shabbos.



6 Wednesdays      
6 August - 17 September 
Chabad's Goodness & Kindness Centre    
8 Stella St, Sandton 2031 (off West St, across the Gautrain)   7:15PM  

Course Cost:    
R250 full course or  R60 per class     

Payments can be made via credit card below (processed in our office), or cash payment at the course, or via EFT to our account - Account number: 62457937989 FNB Balfour Park - Branch : 250-655, Reference: JLI course + your name - (Course Fee: R250 per person for the entire course or R60 per person if paying per class). Please email your proof of payment immediately to [email protected] - Thank you!    

Everyone is welcome! No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Bursaries and discounts are available.   
Email [email protected] for any JLI related inquiries, call Chabad House 011-440-6600 or Rabbi Ari Kievman  at 079-434-1293.  
You may also request for this course to be held at a locatiion of your choice.

Course Endorsements



"Shabbat is as relevant today as it was in the desert thousands of years ago... You'll be so energized and productive the next day you'll accomplish more than if you'd worked right through it. So go ahead, unplug." 
Ken Goldberg, PhD, Craigslist Distinguished Professor of New Media, University of California at Berkeley, Co-founder, Berkeley Center for New Media


"On the level of the individual to the level of culture, the ills we experience, by and large, result from mindlessness. The wisdom discussed in Toward a Meaningful Life should be widely read to help provoke a reversal of this trend and lead us to mindful lives full of everyday meaning." 
Lynn Schofield Clark, Ph.D, Associate Professor and Director, Estlow International Center for Journalism & New Media, University of Denver, Author: Parenting in a Digital Age


“In today’s world of confusion and loss of direction in life, which manifests in young people adopting self-destructive habits, JLI is a beacon of light that can guide people to the safe haven of true happiness” 
Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, Psychiatrist, Founder and Medical Director Emeritus of Gateway Rehabilitation Center, Author of 60 books on Self-Esteem, Personal Growth, Dependency Recovery, as well as Torah Commentaries


"Shabbat is one of the greatest gifts of Judaism, and it can be appreciated on so many levels; each level building on the one before it to create a true harmony of spiritual, ethical, and personal growth every single week. Oasis in Time layers learning about the beauty of Shabbat in an intimate and comprehensive fashion. The wisdom contained has the potential to truly transform your life, your relationships, and your concept of purpose on this Earth. That's a mighty task, but it is easier than we think. I implore you to learn about Shabbat, put it into practice, and watch the miracles begin." 
Mayim Bialik, PhD, Actor and Neuroscientist, Star of 1990’s TV series, “Blossom”, Amy Farrah Fowler on TV Series, “The Big Bang Theory”


“I light candles to welcome Shabbat. It brings me so many blessings and peace. I encourage you to explore this special Mitzvah this spring with JLI’s course, Oasis in Time: The Gift of Shabbat in a 24/7 World. I know JLI’s classes will be a source of inspiration and help make your life brighter and the world around you a more peaceful place.”
Paula Abdul, Pop Singer, Dancer, Choreographer and Television Personality


“My family came to America to escape religious persecution and anti-Semitism in the former Soviet Union. Here I found my calling as a professional boxer—and as a Jew. I decided that if anyone wants a whupping from me [on Saturday], they got to wait until after sundown. From the day I stopped fighting on Shabbat, my career took off. I began to win championships. Shabbat blesses the whole week for me. It gives me the purpose and inner strength to do what I need to do. JLI's course, Oasis in Time: The Gift of Shabbat in a 24/7 World, examines how Shabbat restores balance in our personal lives and in the world. Learn about Shabbat with JLI. This is our identity. This is our day.”
Dmitriy Salita, Professional Boxer, 30–1–1 record, with 16 KO's, North American Boxing Association Light Welterweight Champion, 2005


“I had a life that anybody would have wanted. But after retiring from the NFL, somehow something didn't feel right. I was starved for inspiration. As an athlete, I had inspiration, but as a human being I didn't. I felt lost when the cheering stopped. It was not until my first Shabbat experience that things started to change. As a football player, I loved the games, the challenge, the competition, the camaraderie... But today I get a charge from different things. Even the feeling of coming out of the tunnel at Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers—beautiful blue sky, the smell of beer and brats in the air—can't compare to the rush of Shabbat. Find your inspiration—learn about Shabbat with JLI."
Alan Shlomo Veingrad, Former NFL Offensive Lineman of the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys winner of Super Bowl XXVII


“My parents always told me, ‘If you take care of Shabbat, Shabbat will take care of you.’ Shabbat has chartered the course of my life. It has been the backbone of my energy and my power throughout my basketball career. I encourage you to attend JLI’s upcoming course, Oasis in Time, and learn how Shabbat can provide direction and motivation to use your talents to create a better, more spiritual world.”
Tamir Goodman, a.k.a. Jewish Jordan, Professional Basketball Player (retired)