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Our vision for Grow Your Life is to indelibly instill in each child a sense of responsibility and in turn teach the children how they can better themselves and the lives of those around them no matter what background they come from. The project is based on the tenet of “teaching how to fish”. The aim of the project is to instill a culture of entrepreneurship whilst at the same time sustaining the community.  

Grow Your Life Project

The overall goal of Miracle Drive is to offer assistance and welfare to the greater South African community, and therefore, in continuing with this vision statement, we are dedicated to improving the literacy and education levels in impoverished communities throughout Johannesburg, by developing and installing container libraries in areas where they are most needed.

Each container is equipped with shelving, books (including books in the native language of each community), tables and chairs, and our Grow Your Life series will be an integral element in these libraries.

Each library/classroom will employ a teacher/librarian on a part time basis in order to facilitate the library, and over time, be responsible for teaching the children how to read themselves, thereby developing the literacy and education levels which as you know are vital in sustaining and growing any community and country.

We have already opened 10 libraries in the following places:

- Malatjlie
- Orange Farm
- Diepsloot
- Zandspruit
- Freedom Park
- Eldorado Park
- Alexandra
- Meadowlands
- Pimville
- Scriptorim

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you require any further information in this regard.

Yours sincerely,

Rabbi David H. Masinter


Up And Running Libraries


A call for books

We are currently donating libraries to impoverished communities. If you have any old books that you would like to donate, please let us know. 

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