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Chabad's Goodness & Kindness Centre
8 Stella Street, Sandton 2031
-opposite the Gautrain Station & Mandella Square-

in the heart of Sandton's CBD

Shul Services
Shabbos & Yom Tov Services
Evenings 6:15p.m. - Mornings
followed by a socially-distanced Kiddush in the Sukkah

Weekday Mincha & Maariv 5:45p.m.

Join us for Sukkos, Shmini Atzeres & Simchas Torah
Come for any part of the service, be a part of the celebrations!


Sukkos Celebrations Sandton Central Shul

You prayed. You fasted. Now keep the momentum going; it's time to dance! The Torahs and l'chayims will be awaiting you at Sandton Central Shul.

Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah are the crowning culmination of the spiritually-saturated month of Tishrei, where the High Holidays resonate with joy and celebration. These incredibly festive days include minor Hakafos on the first festival night, Yizkor-Memorial Service the next afternoonand our Grand Communal Simchas Torah Hakafos & Braai celebrations that will, please G‑d, be even more spectacular than ever!

The Chassidic Masters taught us that every circle we dance draws forth an abundance of Divine blessings that can upgrade, energize and completely transform the weeks and months ahead, all year long - much like the prayers we offered on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

On Simchas Torah, the most accomplished scholar and the freshest of neophytes are the same. The Torah is our gift from G‑d, and we will revel in that special relationship.

Looking forward see you on the dance floor!

Rabbi Ari & Batya Kievman

Shemini Atzeres Night 
Light Candles
Evening Services: 6:15pm
Hakafos- celebratory dancing: 6:45pm
Festive Brocha in the Sukkah
Shemini Atzeres Day 
Morning Services: 9:30am
Yizkor Memorial Service: 11:15am ±
Delicious Brocha in the Sukkah 
Simchas Torah Night 
Evening Services: 6:00pm
Light candles (from preexisting flame)
Grand Hakafos - celebratory dancing, Braai & lekker food 
[email protected]
Cost: R250 adults R150 kids.
Free for Shul members
Simchas Torah Day
Morning Services: 9:30am
Brocha/Kiddush: 10:45am 
Hakafos - celebratory dancing: 11:30am
Finishing/starting the Torah cycle: 12:00pm
Mincha Services: 5:45pm
Light Candles (from preexisting flame)

Join us for all Yom Tov services at Sandton Central Shul - 8 Stella St, Sandton 


For the end of Sukkos


-Stay up tonight to read the books of Devarim and Tehillim (the latter only after midnight).
-Say the special prayers tomorrow morning and beat the aravos.
-Have a festive meal with challah dipped in honey tomorrow. 


-Still eat in the Sukkah (no brocha of 'leishev baSukah' though) 
-Dip Challah into salt, not honey. 
-Dancing/Hakafos with on the eve of Shemini Atzeres. 
-We say Yizkor on Shemini Atzeres. 
-From Musaf on Shmini Atzeres, we change to say "mashiv haruach umorid hageshem". 
-In the afternoon, it is customary to have a snack to "bid farewell" to the Sukkah.


-The Mitzvah is to dance. 
-Everyone should be called to the Torah on Simchas Torah day- even boys under Bar Mitzvah
-It is a special honour to purchase the rights to be called to conclude or restart the Torah. 
-The kohanim bless the community during Shacharis


Join us for our annual Simchas Torah Braai. We look forward to seeing you there!

Annual Braai in Sandton Central

You Prayed... You Fasted...
It’s Time to Dance & Feast!
Kiddush followed by a spirited Hakafos "dancing with the Torahs"!
6:30pm - Evening Service
7:00pm - Kiddush - Hakafos - Dancing - Kids Flags & Fun

Best Braai & Lekker L'chayims

Click here to RSVP
Braai Cost R250 adults, R150 kids
please rsvp and pay in advance in order for us to cater adequately
Shul Account, Miracle Drive Trust. Account number: 62457937989 FNB Balfour Park -
Branch: 250-655 Ref: your name + Simchas Torah Braai, Send pop to [email protected]

Don't miss the most incredibly energetic night of the year.
Our rabbis teach us that celebrating Simchas Torah fully has the power to unlock a reservoir of Hashem's special blessings for health, nachas and prosperity all year long! 

Day Dance

Don't forget Simchas Torah Day;

The holiday festivities continue the morning of Simchas Torah Day. Shul commences at 9:30am. Please be on time because the Kohanim will deliver their unique blessings during Shacharis (instead of Musaf); sumptuous Brocha Brunch follows at 10:45 am. The Kiddush will be followed by an exuberant celebration with joyous singing and dancing of the Hakafos and special Aliyas. These will conclude the portion of V'zos HaBracha and the entire Torah. We then immediately go back to the very beginning of the Torah with the story of creation, Bereishis Barah!
There will be plenty of lchayim for adults and treats for the kids, but don't let just the whisky do the job for you - dance with your Neshama

L'chaim can be said on water or whisky, liqueur or lemonade! It's the Neshama that counts!


Support the work of Chabad
Banking details
Miracle Drive Trust - Sandton Central
Account number: 62457937989 
FNB Balfour Park - Branch : 250-655 
Ref: your name 
Please email any proof of contributions or payments for the Shul to [email protected]
Thank you for your kind and generous support!!

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