MachzorSelected songs from the prayers of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur 

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If there's a specific song you would like us to sing at Shul or if you want to learn tunes that aren't included below, please call the rabbi or email [email protected]

  1. Tishrei Tunes (High Holidays Songs and Prayers)
  2. Adon Olam
  3. Avinu Malkeinu Medley
  4. Avinu Malkeinu (This soulful melody is divided into three parts. The first, wordless, elevates the singers to a deeply spiritual mood. The second expresses yearning for the Divine, while the third is a declaration of faith in the help of our Father and King.
  5. Shema and Vahavta
  6. Ach Tzadikim (Sung at the end of services)
  7. High Holidays Tune (Sung in middle of Kadish)
  8. Kol Nidrei (Yom Kippur eve)
  9. Darkecho Elokeinu (The text is from the Yom Kippur eve liturgy. The melody brims over with penitence and joy of the spirit)
  10. Venislach (Sung in the evening service of Yom Kippur)
  11. Yaaleh Tachanunainu (Sung in the evening service of Yom Kippur)
  12. Yaale (Sung in three sections in which we beseech the Almighty for mercy and express our faith in His eternal grace)
  13. VeNislach (This melody is sung during the Holiday services of Yom Kippur)
  14. Ki Henai Kachomer (Sung in the evening service of Yom Kippur)
  15. Ki Hinei Kachomer (A song of three stanzas with a musical charm all its own usually sung without words)
  16. Veal Kulam (Sung in the evening, morning & aftertoon service of Yom Kippur)
  17. Ki Anu Amecha (Sung in the evening, morning & aftertnoon service of Yom Kippur)
  18. Ki Onu Amecho (This melody and its stirring tune stir the soul towards repentance)
  19. Rachamana (Sung in the evening service of Yom Kippur)
  20. Darkecha (Sung in the evening, morning and afternoon services)
  21. Hashem Kel Rachum (Sung in the evening, morning and afternoon services)
  22. Avinu Malkainu 1 (Sung in the Morning and afternoon services)
  23. Avinu Malkainu 2 (Sung in the morning and afternoon services)
  24. Zachrainu L'chaim (Sung in amida of morning and afternoon services)
  25. Oleinu (Sung at conclusion of each service)
  26. Marai Kohen (Sung in the mussaf service of Yom Kippur)
  27. Nepolean's March (Sung at the end of Yom Kippur)
  28. Napoleons March (This march is remarkable for its joyous, rhythmic character)
  29. Atoh Bechartonu (Sung in each amida of the high holidays)
  30. Vesomachto (A lively tune of three stanzas sung during the holidays)
  31. Nigun Hakofot (A spirited rhythmic march on Simchat Torah)
  32. Click here to hear High Holidays wishes from the Rebbe