Meaningful conversations guided by Sayings of our Fathers


Being patient. Developing resilience. Showing kindness. Understanding the power of humility. Being willing to forgive. Seeing the good in every situation. Knowing that everything has its time and place. These are just some of the positive character traits discussed by our oldest and greatest sages in Pirkei Avot (sayings of the fathers). By joining an online Pirkei Avot class, you will be inspired to improve yourself in every sphere of life. You'll also acquire the tools to plant the seeds of wisdom in the minds and hearts of your children. No matter who you are, you will find Pirkei Avot an indispensable guide to life. 



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What learning Pirkei Avot has done for my family and me:



Stacey Dembo: Wife, Mother, Lawyer, Communal Worker


"As a mother, I find learning Pirkei Avot with my children truly inspiring. It allows us to spend quality time together, to share our thoughts and to apply the tools learnt to everyday situations."



Robbie Brozin: Husband, Father, Businessman


"I love Pirke Avot... written all those years ago , and still so  relevant today! It is our Moral Compass as Jews guiding us to be a light unto the Nations. Not easy to always live by... but it certainly brings us down  to earth , focusing on what is important ! Dive in!!"


Joanne Stoller:  Wife, Mother, Dancing Teacher



"I don't consider myself a very frum Jew but I'm a traditional Jew and I'm thoroughly enjoying Pirkei Avot classes. It's teaching me tools for life. It's teaching me more about values and morals with my family, spending more time with my children and I highly recommend that every single one of you should attend classes. They are available on zoom."


Peter Berman: Husband, Father, Investment Adviser


"I started attending an online Pirkei Avot shiur during lockdown. It has literally been a life-changer and a game-changer for me. I take down notes and share the lessons with my wife and with my family and I can highly recommend to anybody to attend a weekly Pirkei Avot shiur. You won't regret it."



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