Meaningful conversations guided by Sayings of our Fathers


Being patient. Developing resilience. Showing kindness. Understanding the power of humility. Being willing to forgive. Seeing the good in every situation. Knowing that everything has its time and place. These are just some of the positive character traits discussed by our oldest and greatest sages in Pirkei Avot (sayings of the fathers). By joining an online Pirkei Avot shiur once a week, you will be inspired to improve yourself in every sphere of life. You'll also acquire the tools to plant the seeds of wisdom in the minds and hearts of your children. No matter who you are, you will find Pirkei Avot an indispensable guide to life. 


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What learning Pirkei Avot has done for my family and me:





I found this course truly inspiring and it allowed me to spend quality time with my teenagers. We were able to discuss and share our thoughts together. 





These are definitely tools that can be learnt to change one’s life. We took the opportunity and spent quality time learning together as a family.




This did not just help in my personal life but in my professional life as well. The tools learnt can definitely be applied in business practices as well. I have truly learnt something that I will continue to use every day in all aspects of my life.





 I joined the Pirkei Avos online classes to gain tools that could change my life. I soon discovered that this can be applied to everyday teaching that I do with my students at school. I encourage all parents and teachers to take time and do the online courses. It is such a life changing experience.





This was not just quality time that I got to spend learning something of value with my parents but was a great opportunity to express and discuss my thoughts with my parents. Having them spend time and listen to my thoughts is something I will remember forever.





 This was such a great course as for the first time in a long time I felt that I had something of value to discuss and learn with my parents.





I always felt quit disconnected from my grandkids as they were often talking about things that I just could not relate to. This course put us on the same page. It was so interesting to learn, even at my age and even more special to be able to teach my grandkids something. I can’t wait to see how the lessons learnt are going to change their lives for the better.



Young adult:


  I truly have felt that there is something missing, that I needed something more. This is it. 


Learning these practical and useful tools have transformed the way I look at things. These are lessons that one can apply to every situation in life.



A couple about to be married / Newlyweds:


 I am so glad that we did this course together as these are tools that we can apply to our marriage to build a stronger and happier home together. There will be good and bad days and we have been given tools that will help us through all of it.





With the job that I do, I am often baffled by what I see and experience every day. I find it hard to process and understand why people do what they do. This course has provided me with the tools to deal with what I see and to better help those who need assistance.