Tzivos Hashem CKids is the Jewish boys’ and girls’ brigade of Hashem's (G‑d’s) army, made up of kids just like yourself, who do acts of kindness, show care and concern for others, learn Torah and fulfill mitzvot (good deeds).

When you enroll in Tzivos Hashem, you start out as a Private, but as you do more good deeds and complete missions, you’ll earn Mitzva badges. After collecting enough badges, you’ll be awarded medals. When you get enough medals, you’ll be promoted in rank. If you keep working at it, you just might become a general!


Please complete this  form and stand a chance to win an extra mystery prize in the next box we send. Good yom tov friends!


Did you wash for Challah on Thursday night?

Did you you wash for Challah on Friday night?

Did you bentch after eating Challah?

Did you read the ten commandments with your family?

Did you say Modeh Ani & Shema on Thursday and Friday?

Did you help your mom or dad with something?

If yes, what was it? 

For the girls, did you light the candles on Thursday evening and Friday evening?

For the boys, did you wear a Kippa for the Chag and Shabbos meals?

Did you decorate your cupcake and eat it?

Did you eat something dairy? If yes, what? 

Did you make sure to have fun on this very special chag? How? 


  Bonus Challenge: learn the 10 commandments by heart and send a video to me on 060 602 2113 of you saying them for extra entries.