Chabad House offers a dynamic, stimulating women's learning programme throughout the week.

You'll find the atmosphere warm and inviting and the teachers inspirign and personable. Come sample our vast spectrum of relevant topics, taught by world-class instructors, and you will be back for more!

...oh, and our coffee shop's pretty good too.




9:10 a.m.
Special of the week
Rabbi Alex Carlebach
An ancient recipe, with fresh insight each week. Studies in the Parsha.

10:10 a.m.
Chassidic Discourse
Rabbi Ari Shishler
Think of it as the cream on top; delve deeper with higher-grade Chassidus.

11:10 a.m.
Bottomless cup- of wisdom
Rivky Chaikin
A rich blend of what the wisest of men had to teach about life. Uncovere the secrets of Mishlei, Solomon's enigmatic book of Proverbs.


10:10 a.m.
Home Brew
Rabbi Aharon Rose
A Chumash shiur that will soon have you navigating the text and commentaries of Judaism's most fundamental work.

11:10 a.m.
A Cuppa Insight
Rabbi Michael Katz
Explore life- from the inside. Through the insight of the Rebbe, you will gain insight into soul of every aspect of life.

1:30 p.m.
Finest Blend
Shternie Wineberg
Study the Rebbe's revolutionary approach to the classical commentary of Rashi.


9:10 a.m.
Warming the Feminine Heart
Mashi Lipskar
Share the secrets of feminine spirituality- passed down through the generations.

10:10 a.m.
Stir your Soul
Rabbi Alex Carlebach
Discover prayer, the unique tool of communication with the Divine.

11:10 a.m.
The Kabbalah of a Rich Heritage
Rabbi Ari Shishler
Understanding Jewish history in the light of Kabbalah.


4:15 p.m.
Tanya for the discerning palate
Rabbi Ari Shishler
You've already tasted the basics of Judaism, now take it to the next level.