Just for Kids

We keep your kids busy so you can relax and enjoy your holiday!

Tzivos Hashem Kids.jpg 

Fun-Filled activities and unique adventures await all kids!
We have designed a FIRST CLASS kids programme.

We provide each professional counselor with uniquely selected pics describing all of the events that transpired with our ancestors in the exodus story, bringing it all TO LIFE!
Even the STORIES for the kids aren't random.  

Both parents and kids are sure to enjoy a memorable Pesach vacation experience with us. While parents are in the Shul, attending 
an interesting workshop or enjoying the refreshing climate, there's no need to worry. Simultaneously, the children will be pleasantly occupied and well-supervised with captivating, age-appropriate, fun and meaningful activities, including activities on Yom Tov.

Here's a Sampling of our Kids Yom Tov Activities 

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Kids Activities Include

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Entertainment

  • Jumping Castle
  • Torah Time
  • Swimming 
  • Sports