'Adopt a Senior' is a unique volunteer programme, created to enhance the lives of Joburg seniors. Many of us have parents, family or friends who are elderly, living alone or in senior facilities, that would greatly benefit from an extra visit from someone.   Chai Seniors matches local volunteers with local seniors for a weekly visit, bringing joy and a sense of caring to many. With your help, Chai Seniors 'Adopt a Senior' programme soon hopes to match a volunteer with every senior!

Bringing  Children
Bringing children along on a visit is beneficial for both the seniors and the children. The seniors love the young company, and the relationship with the seniors has a positive effect on your family. Don't be concerned about the commotion that always accompanies kids. It can be a welcome change to the usually sedate home environment, and studies show that elderly people enjoy seeing and spending time with children.

Together we can make great things happen!

Feel free to leave blank any questions that you are not comfortable answering.

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General Computer Skills & Data Entry  Graphic Design Web Design  Fundraising 
Computer Genius Film & Multimedia  Events & Function Coordinator   
Hall Decorating & Floral Design  Telephone & Communication  Mailings & Packaging
Visiting People in the Hospital  Child Care & Tutoring  Landscaping   Handywork
 Cooking/Baking Music & Entertainment Arts & Crafts  Bookkeeping  Shlleping
Librarian Sales Architecture & Construction  Public Relations & Marketing 
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Please note:

Since this position entails dealing with a senior, (a vulnerable person), we require a police record check. We will notify you about this in the interview.

lf the Jewish Senior Circle decides not to accept an applicant we have the right to withhold the reason for the decision.

All information submitted to Jewish Senior Circle will be held confidential unless permission is given by the applicant.

I agree to visit my seniors as I indicated above*.


Here are some of the activities to engage you as a Chai Seniors volunteer:

  • Friendly visitor 
    Many Joburg seniors do not have a local network of family and friends. Do you have time to visit and share conversation? Preferably a weekly commitment. 
  • Escort/Transport
    Some seniors do no live withing the current route of our bus and would like to attend our daily classes or monthly events. Join in our programming efforts and help transport residents before and after the program.   
  • Art therapy
    Help seniors maintain their social and motor skills and self-concept by creating a class with your skills.... 
  • Shabbat Service
    Would you like to conduct a Friday Evening or Shabbat morning service at a senior residence?
  • Music
    Music is often the key to reaching people, regardless of their abilities. Music brings pleasure and memories. Perhaps you can share your talent at one of our functions
  • Escort for outings
    Volunteers accompany seniors on outings. Seniors may depend on you to get around. Volunteers accompany a resident who can walk or assist a resident in a wheelchair.

Thank you for your support!

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